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Article From Article Directory Database A sharpening steelRays Wilson Ramos Jersey, also called a honing steel, is a rod of steel measuring up to a foot long. Usually used to sharpen knives and scissors. The sharpening steel is covered in ridges that make the steel slightly abrasive, removing microscopic layers from the edge of knife blades.

Many modern steels include a diamond honing surfaceRays Wade Boggs Jersey, but traditional steels do not in fact sharpen your blade as you may think. Instead they simply realign the edge that becomes bent over during use. This cannot be seen with the naked eye. The edge will quickly fold over again, hence the need to use sharpening steels regularly.

The cutting ability of a knife is determined by blade thickness and shape as well as edge angle, thicknessRays Steven Souza Jersey, and smoothness. Sharpening steels ensure that the edge retains an optimum angle and is perfectly smooth. Depending on the knife, the specified edge angle may vary from about 15 to 30 degrees. Sharpening steels are an effective way to keep your knives in top condition and keep them as close to new as possible.

Sharpening steels come in varying grades depending on the type of knife you plan to sharpen. Depending on the size of the ridges, a sharpening steel may also be suitable for final honing of the knife edge. Although a quality steel will last for yearsRays Sergio Romo Jersey, the ridges on sharpening steels will eventually wear over time, requiring the sharpening steel to be replaced. They will rust if left in dirty or humid conditions, so be careful where you store your knife sharpener. Keep it dry at all times. Before beginning to sharpen the knifeRays Rob Refsnyder Jersey, make sure that it is clean and dry.

To use a sharpening steel, place the steel in a vertical position with the base resting on your work surface. Start with the knife at the top of the steel rod. Hold it perpendicularly to the steel, with the knife angled against the steel at the proper angle depending on the specific knife you are sharpening. Make sure that you hold the knife at a consistent angle against the sharpening steel during each pass.

In one motionRays Nathan Eovaldi Jersey, run the knife downward in a sweeping arc, so that the length of the blade, from handle to tipRays Matt Duffy Jersey, presses against the sharpening steel on each pass. It is not important that this motion is very fast, but it should be one fluid motion. Use very little force when running the knife along the steel, letting the steel do all of the work.

Sharpening steels are usually used to sharpen knives that are frequently sharpenedRays Matt Andriese Jersey, not those that go months or even .Cheap Jerseys China OnlineCheap Jerseys From ChinaCheap Jerseys From ChinaCheap College Jerseys WholesaleCheap ShirtsCheap NHL Jerseys ShopCheap NFL Jerseys OnlineCheap MLB T-shirtsCheap HatsWholesale Soccer Hats
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