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Chiefs coach Andy Reid took matters into his own hands Wednesday by suspending Marcus Peters for one game after the cornerback chucked a penalty flag into the stands at MetLife Stadium during Sunday’s loss to the Jets.
“This is something Marcus and I discussed, according to The Kansas City Star. “I’m going to leave it at that.”,” Reid said
 which completed a seven-point drive that was chock-full of Chiefs penalties.,Peters was called for unsportsmanlike conduct with 2:15 left in the game after he tossed the flag that was thrown for defensive holding during the Jets’ failed two-point conversion attempt. The Jets were successful in their next try
Thinking he had been ejected for the stunt, but actually hadn’t been thrown out. He soon returned to the Chiefs sideline — albeit without his socks — before the Jets sealed the eventual 38-31 win., Peters headed to the locker room
Reid has also docked Peters from team practices this week ahead of this Sunday's home game against the Raiders. The two-time Pro Bowler will lose a week’s pay as part of the discipline.
 which at 6-6 is in a three-way tie with the Raiders and Chargers for first in the AFC West. ,Reid’s punishment sends a particularly strong message to the team
Peters, can now enjoy the benefit of a definitive answer regarding his game status., however
Chiefs suspend Marcus Peters vs. Raiders for unsportsmanlike conduct
 coach Andy Reid announced Wednesday. ,Womens Laurent Duvernay Tardif Jersey,Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters is suspended for Sunday's game against the Raiders after his unsportsmanlike conduct last Sunday
 Peters tossed an official's penalty flag into the stands at MetLife Stadium with just more than two minutes remaining in the game and was then escorted to the locker room. ,During the Chiefs' 38-31 loss to the Jets in Week 13
Chiefs cornerback Steven Nelson was called for defensive holding while the Jets were attempting a two-point conversion after scoring a touchdown. Peters, grabbed the penalty flag from the ground and threw it into the stands. , apparently unhappy with the call
During the Chiefs-Jets game on Sunday, their backup offensive players would huddle on the sideline near the line of scrimmage, presumably so they could enter the game at a moment’s notice if their number was called. It was noticeable,Womens Ron Parker Jersey, whenever the Chiefs had the ball, close to the coaching staff, then, all alone, Pat Mahomes.,Womens Allen Bailey Jersey, that one backup was standing away from the group, 25 yards downfield. The backup quarterback
Oh, as the Chiefs lost to the Jets 38-31, Mahomes was an afterthought. Kansas City had traded up and drafted him in the first round, how fascinating would it have been to stand next to him and hear his thoughts, their sixth defeat in seven games. Mahomes has had a unique perspective on what has been a strange season. When the Chiefs started 5-0 and Alex Smith was being heralded as an MVP candidate,Womens Eric Fisher Jersey, 10th overall, but it seemed as though he’d spend his rookie year on the bench, and Chiefs fans started turning on Smith—and calling for Mahomes to replace him., this past April, taking mental reps. Then the losing started
Before Sunday, those fans might have had an argument. In their previous five losses, 50 is considered league average. He was a below-average QB. , the Chiefs had averaged 15.8 points per game and Smith had been largely to blame. In those five games. Remember
Then on Sunday, leading the Chiefs to touchdowns on their first two possessions, Smith had his best game of the season. He looked sharp from the start, taking a quick 14-0 lead. He looked like he did earlier this season, especially when he connected on deep balls to Travis Kelce and Tyreek Hill. Perhaps this had something to do with Andy Reid handing over the play-calling duties last week to Matt Nagy, four touchdowns, his best of the year. , the offensive coordinator. Smith finished with 366 passing yards, one 70-yard and a 95.3 QBR
” said Kelce. Added Hill: “I still feel like we can get better. We could have scored every possession if we wanted.”,“I’m sick of hearing Alex Smith is the reason we aren’t winning
If only Smith were the Chiefs’ sole problem during this rough stretch. They seem to have reached a point where the losing streak is hanging over them like a black cloud, and it’s affecting their play in close games. Of their six losses, five have come by seven points or fewer. Even if the offense is humming, they seem to find new ways to lose—through defensive lapses, as it was on Sunday, coaching miscues or just losing their cool in general.
On Sunday, the coaches decided to run a trick play—a pass to a backup lineman—on a third-and-1 that failed. Kicker Harrison Butker also missed a 38-yard field goal. And the defense allowed the Jets to compile 488 yards, they had a combination of three. When the offense was going score-for-score with the Jets, convert on 13 of 20 third-downs and pick up 30 first downs overall. On the Jets’ final drive, cornerback Steven Nelson was called for two holding penalties—one that set up the go-ahead touchdown, which they made. After that second penalty, and one that could sum up these last two months for the whole Chiefs team., and another that allowed the Jets to retry a two-point conversation attempt, Marcus Peters picked up the flag and threw it into the stands. It immediately turned into a viral video
 some of the defensive players were avoiding comment. Peters dressed,It also made for a weird atmosphere in the locker room afterward. While the offensive players were praising Smith, cleaned out his locker, and left before the locker room was opened to the media. Then a team spokesman told media members that Nelson wasn’t available for comment and that he would answer questions come Tuesday. “[We’re going to] give him today off,” the spokesman said.
 considering they were still 6-6 and would end the day in a three-way tie with the Raiders and Chargers atop the AFC West. They still had a relatively easy remaining schedule and a clear path to make the playoffs. “You have to find the right balance of being frustrated and determined,Some players didn’t know how to feel,” says Mitchell Schwartz, the right tackle. “Taking a step back and realizing: It could be a lot worse. San Diego and L.A. could both be 10-2 right now. So we need to understand, there’s so many positives still out there for us. We’re lucky to be going through this [losing streak] and still have [the division] in front of us.”
As of now, it seems unlikely the Chiefs would pivot to Mahomes, especially after how Smith played Sunday. But if the season continues going sideways, the third-string quarterback. “He’s still going to work his ass off every week. He’s going to come in and do the same thing regardless of what’s going on.” Bray was asked, Does Mahomes hear the fans’ calls? “Are you fishing for something?” he responded., who knows what might happen in the last four weeks? “[The fans calling for Mahomes] doesn’t change the way he prepares,” said Tyler Bray
 which means it is fair to wonder just what the heck he is doing to earn his millions.,The Chiefs are in crisis and Andy Reid is their leader
 and the coach would be facing serious doubts about his job security if not for a fresh contract extension and trust from chairman Clark Hunt.,The NFL is a famously now business
Even so, the team Reid is paid to coach is showing precious few signs of being well coached. This trajectory cannot continue. There is too much talent for this group to suddenly turn into the Cleveland Browns. Reid is too experienced, to let this turn into the 2012 Chiefs., and too respected
 the latest failure memorialized by Marcus Peters throwing a temper tantrum and a flag and then walking off the field despite not being ejected — will largely determine whether Reid can maintain hope that his fifth season as coach here is anything other than an embarrassing failure.,This week — following a sixth loss in seven games
“Knowing your locker room,Authentic Laurent Duvernay Tardif Jersey, having a good locker room, so communicate.”,” Reid said when asked how he knew whether his message was still being received. “Communication is probably the important thing. It’s a people business
 but he’s 11th all-time in victories,We don’t often see something like this. Reid is among the most successful coaches of his generation. He’ll never be thought of as an all-time great without a Super Bowl win, and second to Bill Belichick among active coaches,Authentic Ron Parker Jersey,Authentic Cairo Santos Jersey, with 179 wins. That’s seven more than Bill Parcells, in three fewer games.
 we are watching this accomplished man attempt to work against the collapse of a team he’s been working five years to build. A man who has lived through and mostly conquered two decades’ worth of professional adversity is now nearly two months into searching for a solution.,And at the moment
At the very least, it’s Reid’s greatest challenge since 2012, his last season in Philadelphia. That season can’t be discussed without mentioning the death of Reid’s son, during training camp. Reid addressed that Eagles team six hours after hearing what happened,Authentic Allen Bailey Jersey,Authentic Dustin Colquitt Jersey, Garrett, and the team was at the funeral three days later.
Trent Edwards, a backup quarterback on that team, and Reid was fired the day after Philly’s last loss., said he doesn’t not make a connection between the personal tragedy and a disappointing season. The Eagles finished 4-12
“The issue that season was a product of losing, and then a lot of it comes down to leadership,Authentic Eric Fisher Jersey, but how the leaders on the team as players galvanize the group and keep the team together and not go different directions. It’s hard not to point fingers.”,” Edwards said. “Not just the head coach
That’s part of what makes this collapse so baffling. Two years ago, the Chiefs started 1-5 and lost star running back Jamaal Charles to an ACL tear. The fifth loss happened with their own offensive lineman stripped their own running back on the final drive. They had every reason to quit, and instead won 11 straight — including the franchise’s first playoff win in a generation., or point fingers
Most of the big personalities from that team are still playing — Alex Smith, Travis Kelce,Womens Cairo Santos Jersey, Derrick Johnson, Peters and Tamba Hali, Justin Houston, among others.
 Eric Berry is out for the season,This year, but he has been around the locker room (including Wednesday, when he was giving Reggie Ragland a suggestion about strategy), and the Chiefs won their first four games without him.
There is no single explanation that makes any sense about why Reid’s team is failing here.
Reid is described by current and former players as stoic, consistent and firm. His message won’t change much, process-obsessed, but his methods might. This week, he showed the team scores of this season (they’ve lost in overtime, and in three other games had a chance to win at the end), by one point and by three)., by one point, and compared them to last season (they won twice in overtime
The message: We’re not that far off. Stick together, and we’ll be fine., make the plays that matter
“We know how close we are,” lineman Laurent Duvernay-Tardif said. “The core of the message is the same, and I think he’s doing an awesome job.”, but every week the way he presents it is a little different. He’ll use a different tool to make it connect
Fans might not like hearing that, and whether that starts to show up during games., but it also doesn’t matter what Duvernay-Tardif said. What matters is whether Reid is actually doing “an awesome” job
" coach Andy Reid said on Wednesday. "I'm not making it any more than that.","I had a chance to talk to Marcus and felt this was the right thing to do at this time
In the waning moments of Sunday's game versus the Jets, Peters tossed a penalty flag into the stands after teammate Steven Nelson was called for defensive holding on a two-point conversion attempt. Peters was penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct, walked to the locker room as the game continued., and perhaps assuming he would be ejected
 Peters returned to the field -- without socks. He did not return to the game.,When informed that he wasn't ejected
 who then host the Los Angeles Chargers.,Peters will be eligible to return to practice next week for the Chiefs (6-6)
 two forced fumbles and one fumble recovery in 12 games this season.,The 24-year-old Peters has a team-leading three interceptions to go along with 41 tackles
 17 interceptions and four fumble recoveries in 43 career games since being selected by Kansas City with the 18th overall pick of the 2015 draft.,Peters has recorded 146 tackles
 and it just got worse for Marcus Peters. Chiefs coach Andy Reid announced Wednesday that the team has suspended Peters for Sunday's game against the Raiders. Peters threw an official's flag into the stands in the Chiefs' Week 13 loss to the Jets but was never ejected before leaving the stadium. ,It has been a bad couple of weeks for the Chiefs
 and the Chiefs have dropped six of their past seven after starting 5-0. ,Both AFC West rivals are 6-6
The Raiders hold the tiebreaker over the Chiefs for the moment, so this game is effectively for first in the division for the time being., but they won by only one point the first time these teams met
Peters' outburst against the Jets on Sunday came late in the fourth quarter, Peters left the field and headed into the locker room. Peters then came back onto the field not wearing any socks., on a drive that the Jets would eventually score on to take the lead. After the penalty
The Raiders will face a Chiefs defense missing top cornerback and Oakland native Marcus Peters on Sunday in Kansas City.
 Peters picked up the flag and threw it into the stands. He then left the field briefly despite not being ejected.,The Chiefs suspended Peters on Wednesday following his outburst late in a loss to the Jets last weekend. After the Chiefs were called for a penalty
The Chiefs, will be without Peters for Sunday’s game between 6-6 teams tied for first place in the AFC West., who rank 28th in the NFL in passing yards allowed (252.8 per game)
“I’m not going to get into the whole thing here, I just did what I thought was best for the Chiefs. That’s how I try to go about my business.”,” Chiefs coach Andy Reid said on a conference call with Bay Area reporters. “I’ll tell you the same thing that I told our media
Peters is close with Raiders running back Marshawn Lynch and played a role in the incident that led to Lynch being suspended for a game earlier this season.
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